CanActgx® products are reliable targeted and comprehensive tumor profiling assays & reports that give doctors and patients the power to understand the genetic makeup of cancer, highlight the available therapy options and adopt a targeted therapeutic approach for case management.

What is CanActgx®

CanActgx® reports are generated through bespoke molecular genetics data analysis pipelines from solid or liquid tumor samples. The reports detail the cancer type genetic profile which in turn can help understand how certain cancers behave, progress and can be treated.

The different CanActgx® reports address single gene, multiple genes or highly multiplexed gene panels for cancers. All CanActgx® reports and assays are performed at highly accredited and licensed partner laboratories, the reports also come with optional oncogenetics counseling services through our partner cancer genetics counselors.

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Why CanActgx®

Comprehensive choices
of panels

Solid & liquid

Proprietary bioinformatic

Assays performed at
accredited labs

Clinically actionable

Rapid turnaround

Optional oncogenetics

Is CanActgx® for your patient?

The CanActgx® reports are instrumental in the diagnosis and treatment process of many cancers, it can be of great help for:

1: Initial tumor profiling of solid tumors

2: Understanding resistance to first line therapies

3: Drug choice based on tumor sensitivity to therapy

4: Advanced and rare cancers

5: Inconclusive results from another tumor profiling test

6: Monitoring disease progression

7: CanActgx® Liquid can help patients with inadequate or inaccessible solid tumor biopsy

How CanActgx® works

1: Choose the CanActgx® Test suitable for your patient

2: One of our associates will contact you to guide you through the process

3: Receive the CanActgx® report for your patient’s sample

4: Contact us for further support or optional counseling

The Testing Process: