The CanActgx® Reports and assays test and report on genetic profile of tumor cells, depending on the choice of the CanActgx® product, the report looks at certain genes within the cancer and reports on their makeup; understanding such genetic makeup of cancer can greatly help with understanding certain tumors attributes like virulence, progression and sensitivity to different lines of therapy, this in turn can help both patients and doctors adopt the right treatment and allow for a more targeted approach to treatment that can lead to much better results

Where do we test?

CanActgx® reports are generated based on proprietary bioinformatics and reporting pipelines for samples analyzed at partner laboratories, all our partner laboratories are highly accredited and follow stringent molecular genetics testing guidelines for the samples tested

The Testing Process


The CanActgx ® reports are easy to understand and reported as:

  • Positive (At least one of the tested variants was detected)
  • Negative (None of the tested variants was detected)
  • Indication on available therapies and clinical trials (if any) in case of positive result